Bath Bomb Haul!

Wow, two posts in two days? I really am like phoenix that’s arisen from the ashes!
And I’ve even taken photos. PHOTOS GUYS.

It’s no secret that I love a bath with a cheeky bath bomb thrown in.
I love lying back in the scented water and losing myself in the aroma. I love the feel of the oils as they lap over me and soak into my skin, and the smell it leaves on my skin well after I’ve got out (not to mention that shaving my legs is a hell of a lot nicer!).
(I won’t mention that yesterday Mark drew us a bath, and it was so hot that when I got out, I thought I was going to pass out. I had to stand by a window for 10 minutes to cool down. That experience wasn’t quite so nice.)

The one brand I continuously go to is Bomb Cosmetics (now this is not to disrespect Lush as I love their products, but they are so expensive!), their scents are beautiful and exotic, they are VERY affordable, and best of all:

“Animals shouldn’t suffer because we choose to take these little pleasures in life. Bomb Cosmetics ensure that none of their suppliers test ingredients used in their products on animals by committing to a fixed cut off date policy in line with major animal right groups recommendations. Bomb Cosmetics never will and never have tested their finished products on animals. Bomb Cosmetics will support raw material manufacturers who fund alternative methods of testing the raw materials they buy.”

They don’t test on animals!
I won’t buy ANY brand that tests on animals, I don’t really need to explain that one, right?

Anyway, it was becoming abundantly obvious that me and the boyfriend were fast running out of bath bombs.
We were down to our LAST ONE, and in the entirety of my life, that has never happened. I began to panic and headed straight to bomb cosmetics where I proceeded to spend over £50.00 on the necessities for an adequate bath.
(And once you see them, you’ll understand how necessary it was for me to spend this much).

The package arrived at around 10:30am. Pretty prompt. I’d received a text that morning to say: your order will arrive around 9:36 and 10:36am. Needless to say, I was impressed.


Look at how cute the box is!
I mean look, it says “Let’s get Fizzical” – how adorable! And I love a good pun!
The foamy colourful things are now in possession of my hamster, he’s obsessed. As soon as the box was opened he was in there nosing around.
Bless him.
And can we PLEASE comment on all the little intricate details?! You can just tell they put a lot of love and care into each and every products.
They even state that each decoration is HAND CUT. HAND CUT!


Tinned Candles: £7.99 each.
Left: Birds of Paradise Candle.
This smells like an orchard. It’s absolutely stunning and my room smells of apples. Win.
Right: Passion Fruit Sundae Candle.
If I’m honest, I’m not sure on this smell. BUT it IS one of bomb cosmetics best sellers, so I might just be being weird (which is always) and because I have a crappy cold.
To me, it smells a bit like pine, and that’s fine (ha, rhyme) but I didn’t want the smell of tree wafting in my room…


Bath Creamers: £2.09 each.
Top Left: Tangerine Queen Bath Creamer.
This scent is UNREAL, with a mix of mandarin and lemon, I absolutely love it. It’s so fresh, everything I could ever want from a bath bomb. A definite favourite!
Top Right: Funshine Creamer.
One of my favourite smells is mango and this hits the spot. It has hints of mango, vanilla and grapefruit. Delicious!
Bottom Left: Raspberry Diva Bath Creamer.
This bath bomb is enriched with shea and coco butters and smells absolutely beautiful. It has blends of raspberry, grape, vanilla and caramel that really hits the spot. I could sleep in it.
Bottom Right: Blueberry Sundae Bath Creamer.
This smells nothing like blueberry, and if I’m totally honest, I can’t stand it. It smells like mint chewing gum and nothing screams ‘turn off’ more than imagining someone with a gob full of gum, chewing noisily whilst trying to enjoy a bath.
Not for me, but Mark absolutely loves it.


Left: The Moons a Balloon Bath Creamer.
This is a staple when I order on bomb cosmetics, it has the fragrance of lemon and raspberry and it’s absolutely wonderful to watch fizz away.
Top Right: Feel The Love Bath Creamer.
Once again, this is another staple. It is infused with ylang ylang and rose oils and smells faintly of patchouli. It’s absolutely divine and one of my absolute favourites.
Bottom Right: Love Junkie Bath Creamer.
The scent of strawberries and cream, need I say more?!


Top Left: Totally Tropical Bath Creamer.
The name of this creamer instantly drew me in, I was excited. It sounded exotic. Boy was I right. It smells of mandarin, mango and pineapple and I could seriously eat it. 

Bath Mallows: £2.24 each. 
(If you hold these, you can feel the oils rub off on your skin, they are that enriched with them!)
Top Right: Strange Fruit Bath Mallow. 
Apparently it’s supposed to smell like nectarine and cilantro, personally, I can’t smell either of those things. I’m not sure I like it to be honest, but I’ll give anything a go once. (That sounds weird).
Bottom Left: Mango And Vanilla Bath Mallow.
Yes. Yes to the vanilla and HELL YES to the mango.
Bottom Right: Shooting Stars Bath Mallow.
Now this one was on sale, left over from their christmas range and I thought “£1.12? Why not?!” – and boy am I glad I chose to buy this one! It smells like the sea, and for me, home. I love it. I can’t bear to use it yet, so I’m saving it for a super special occasion.


Top Left: Honey I’m Home Mallow (from their new range!!) 
The smell is absolutely gorgeous, it’s like honey and caramel, but better. There are not words that adequately describe how delicious this bomb is. None. And the wax crafting on it is glorious!
Top Right: Strawberry Mojito Mallow.
Well I do LOVE a strawberry mojito so it only made sense that I loved this one too! And look at those hearts! Too sweet!

On to my last little bits..
Bath Blasters: £2.29 each (and they can last up to 6 baths). 
Bottom Left: Passion Fruit Dream Bath Blaster.
With notes of satsuma, peach and mango it’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to lie back and forget the world.
Bottom Right: Lemon Da Vida Loca Bath Blaster.
This literally smells like lemon sherbet. What’s not to love?!


(I mean, what happened to the natural light?! And I’m sad because these are the last 5…. Though I’m sure you’re getting bored by now.)

Top Left: Honey Bee Mine Bath Blaster.
This smells exactly the same as the honey mallow and it’s glorious!
Top Right: Night Owl Bath Blaster.
With hints of lavender and rosemary, this is one that is sure to send me to sleep after I’ve had my bath. And look at the owl! (My owls ear was broken off when he arrived, but he’s still very loved).
Bottom Left: Flower To The People Brûlée. (This was free, but it costs £3.49).
It has hints of sage, and I’m not sure I like it. Mark does. He’s weird.
Middle: Morning Sunshine Bath Blaster!
This smells like grapefruit and sweet orange, and it’s lovely (I’ve ran out of adjectives, can you tell?) – this is probably my favourite bath blaster and I’ll be saving it for a rainy day.
Bottom Right: The High Life Bath Blaster.
This smells like wine and strawberry, and I LOVE a glass of red in the bath with me. It was just meant to be.

I would recommend Bomb Cosmetics until I turn blue, they truly are one of the best companies out there. Do go and have a look if I have tempted you, you won’t regret it.

That concludes my haul, did you like it? Would you like to see another?
Please let me know in the comments below.

The Vivacious Blonde. xo

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Arielle Joy says:

    oh my goodness these all look amazing! There’s nothing better than sinking down into a large hot bath tub filled with a bath bomb and a good book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never got into a bath with a book, I’d be worried I’d get it wet! But with that recommendation, I’ll have to now! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Amie says:

    I’very seen this bran before and always been tempted but also hesitant incase they were cheap for a reason. But i’lol definitely give them a go next time I see them.
    Oddly I have one of their candles and did realise rill I saw your picture. Mines mistletoe kiss scenthe. I mostly bought it because the smell reminds me of something but I can’t quite put my finger on it


  3. Laura says:

    Ohh they actually do look amazing! They make me wish I actually had a bathtub, student accommodation life huh! Oh and great pics!


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