Gluten Free: Thai Green Curry.

Here’s to the first VIVACIOUS COOKING blog! *Squeals with excitement and terror!* (please don’t judge my cooking too harshly… I like it…)


(Please note, you will need a blender of SOME kind. My smoothie one works quite well… THIS IS NOT PERMISSION TO RUIN YOUR SMOOTHIE BLENDER AND BLAME ME).

4 chicken breasts.
1 x bunch of coriander (optional. I hate it. Mark likes it. Once again, weird boy).
2 x sticks of lemon grass.
2 x limes (zest and juice of).
1 x green chilli (which can be deseeded, but if you like spice, which I do, so I don’t).
2 x TBSP of sunflower olive oil.
1 (smallish? I don’t know, measurements aren’t my thing) piece of grated ginger.
3 x gloves of garlic (you can have more or less, or none at all, I just like it).

By now you may have started realising that I am not a woman of precision as such…
It tastes good though, I promise!

Cut slice in the chicken breasts, you want that marinade to get all up in there!
When done, head over to that coriander and pull off the leaves, and place them to one side.

2. Add all the ingredients to the food blender (smoothie blender…) including the coriander stalks and blitz it into a paste.

3. Rub the paste all over the chicken, and get RIGHT into those slashes.
Usually to cook a 4oz chicken breast in the oven at 180C/200C (fan/gas) – it takes around 20 minutes.
(TIP: cut it open and check it’s not pink. It definitely shouldn’t be, because if it is you’ve gone wrong but, yeah, health and safety is paramount. And chicken scares me a little).


(Okay, I won’t lie. I don’t entirely make this from scratch, (and I should, I know but time people!) I have a little help from a jar of Thai Green Curry Paste by some old friends from Blue Dragon (*wink*)).
(Oh and some mango chutney… in a jar…)


Rice to your preferred taste (white or brown? And however much you want of it).
1 x pack of green beans and tender stem broccoli (chop the green beans in smallish? pieces).
1 x punnet of mushrooms (me and Mark like the special mushrooms, but it really doesn’t matter what ones!)
1 x tin of coconut milk.
1 x tin of mango chutney (you won’t need it all).
1 x jar of thai green curry paste.

So now your chicken is getting all lovely, brown and delicious you’ll need to start the sauce.

1. Get a pan boiling for your rice, and pick what you prefer. Brown or white?
For this particular recipe I prefer brown because it’s so flavourful and compliments the sauce so well.
You’ll also need another pan of water boiling for the green beans and tender stem broccoli on the go.

2. Chop your mushrooms finely, and oil up a frying pan and get them cooking. Once browned, add the coconut milk.
You’ll need to get this lovely and bubbly!
Once the beans and broccoli have been bubbling away for 10 minutes, drain them and add them to the sauce!

3. Next add (this is seriously up to you) thai green curry paste (it’s spicy!!) 2 / 3 / 4 TBSP into the middle of the sauce and stir it in, you’ll need to make sure it’s evenly distributed otherwise some mouthfuls will be spicier than others! (But if you are like me and Mark, and love spice, then don’t worry).


3. Let the sauce simmer for a little while, and then add (to taste) the mango chutney. Typically me and Mark use around 2 / 3 TBSP because it tastes so bloody good, but again this is your call! And stir through evenly.


By now, your chicken should be just about done! (the prep and cooking for the sauce should take between 15-20 minutes). So all you have to do now is dish it up!
Drain your rice, pour your sauce and decorate with your GORGEOUS chicken.


(It looks like it’s swimming in sauce, which it is because me and Mark don’t eat loads of rice. Don’t judge us. I never said we were normal..)

Delissimo. Enjoy!

The Vivacious Blonde. xo

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  1. Sounds so yummy! I love coconut milk recipes but the hubby doesn’t so I don’t often make them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, I don’t like coconut milk that much – it is a bit.. of an acquired taste! But you can’t taste it in this curry, not at all! 🙂 thank you!


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