21 Reasons to LOVE being 21!

WELL A MIGHTY BIG HELLO TO YOU READER! (Ooh, how very Miranda-esque).
Welcome to by big re-launch after being absent for oh so many months. Did you miss me? Probably not – but I’m back and I’m going to be harassing your beautifully kept blog boards with my random rants!
YES IT IS I, I AM BACK, the girl who leaves mass destruction in her wake and has the most embarrassing, laugh-out-loud stories to tell!

Okay, I’ll explain my long leave of absence;

  1. ANXIETY! HAHA, SURPRISE. Only kidding about the surprise part, cus we all knew…
  2. University – and GRADUATION! (Although that isn’t until the 24st of October and I simply cannot wait to blog that!)
  3. …. Laziness.
    Okay, okay I know blogging is about putting in the hard work, and I am a rather busy person – but I promise I won’t leave you for such a long period of time again, k?

WITH ALL THIS SAID! On with the blog topic of the day!

I’m probably a little late to the hype (probably, considering I turned 21 THREE months ago!) but I figure that anybody who has a big enough heart can give some well meant advice.If you recall one of my first blogs I wrote was about being terrified of turned 20 – I was, and it was ridiculous to be scared of, I’m 21 now, that’s worse.
I figure that talking about the reasons to love being 21 is a positive way to face the year ahead!

21 Reasons to Love Being 21………

  1. You can eat sweets on the way to work and nobody can stop you.
    I do this daily. It’s 9am; I will be munching down a bag of Haribo. Some may call “shame!” but not I.alice-alice-in-wonderland-funny-gif-Favim.com-3376158.gif
  1. You’re basically an adult.
    Whatever way you look at this, it’s scary and exhilarating! I’m sure we all spent our childhoods begging for our next birthday to come round so we can finally dub ourselves ‘adult’ (even though we’re basically still babies, calling our Mothers for advice on how to clean the oven…).
  1. You can buy anything you want with no age restrictions, and feel smug handing over your ID when you are inevitably ID’ed.
    “Hello ma’am, could I see some ID?”
    Smiles to self and hands over Driving License.
    “Oh you look young!”
    Flicks hair and rides a unicorn out of said shop, every step you take, a glitter trail follows behind you and runs off into the sunset.
    *Ahem* No? Just me?


  1. It’s okay to not know what you’re doing.
    Okay, we all have those friends that have their lives sorted out by the age of 11 don’t we? And we usually feel… well like this:


    And honestly, why do we constantly feel the need to compare ourselves to other people? We don’t NEED to have it together all the time, or half the time, or even a quarter of the time! We can make mistakes. We have time to learn from them. And equally, it’s okay to have your life together. We all have different paths to follow, don’t get led astray by someone who appears more put together.

  2. Feeling smug when you see school children in their uniform.
    Okay, admittedly this is a little childish, but HAHAHA, look at you, poor child, still practicing GCSE Maths.
  1. Being able to legally drink and gamble in America.
    Isee absolutely no downside to either of these things. Ahem69c0db9dccc18d5ae64de60d86b5246e.gif
  1. You can balance both work life and social life.
    Even though it probably feels like you can’t.
  1. Take time to learn how to cook! (properly)
    Take your twenties to learn how to perfect that roast dinner that you would drive miles home for. Ordering take out every week is good and all, but nothing beats a good hearty meal that you’ve cooked from scratch!
  2. You have life experience that you can put into practice.
    This means so many things and you can it interpret in your own way. For me, it’s graduating university and finding the perfect first job for myself. I’ve also started saving for a mortgage with my wonderful partner – and this means I’m learning about other things (WHO KNEW WHAT A CONTRACTOR WAS?!) and enjoying the life I’m leading. Everything is new, exciting and fresh!
    Don’t take for granted the world you can now explore. Sow some seeds; go on that African safari you’ve dreamed of since you were a little kid. Go snowboarding in the Alps, climb Mount Everest.


  4. You’ll probably have moved out of your parents house by now and sewn your own roots in your own place (no worries if you haven’t though!) and you can create your own rules.
    You want to eat a bowl of cereal for every meal of the day? YOU EAT A BOWL OF CEREAL EVERY MEAL OF THE DAY! You go Glen Coco!
  1. You know who your real friends are.
    You’ve done your thing and made some enemies, and made some of the closest friends and you’ve also mourned the people you lost that you never thought you would.
    And this also applies for meeting new people. Meeting, laughing and enjoying people is life, you share stories and emotions, and it is so important not to close yourself off. Friends have gotten me through some tough times with laughter (and wine…)


  1. You parents are always there to help out – don’t take this for granted.
    Your parents are solid structures in your life (and honestly, harbouring a hangover and your Mum walks in with bacon… life saver!), take extra special moments to tell them you love and care about them. Take them for a meal, a drink, do something special like clean the house.
    Parents won’t be around forever. Savour them while you can.
  2. You have the energy to stay up until 2am, and then get up at 7am!
    I’ve heard (but cannot confirm) that being in your 20s provides some of the most subtle, mundane hangovers compared to your later years. Take advantage of them. They won’t last forever.
    Also, the energy! USE IT.
  3. Festivals are still cool and you NEED to go to at least one.
    When you’re in your 20s, you need to take advantage of that immeasurable energy – stay up for long nights, go to amazing parties and festivals.
    Celebrate your love of music, art (whatever you’re into!) and meet amazing, like-headed people. You’ll regret it if you don’t!


  4. Dream and Do!
    Don’t let your dreams be memes.
    Okay that was a joke – but honestly, you have the time to follow your dreams, we aren’t just put on this earth to work and die. Save your money, travel. Just live.
  5. SEX IS NOT TABOO (which I will always ALWAYS say).
    If you’re somebody who enjoys sex (raises hand demurely) then go out and do. Be safe OBVIOUSLY. That goes without saying – but perhaps I should say it…
    Sex is good fun with the RIGHT people. If you’re a no strings kind of person, that’s great! And if you like relationship sex, that’s great too. Life is all about having fun.
  6. Our twenties are our defining years.
    I don’t know why I’ve put this at point 18, but I am far too lazy to re-arrange, but please, this is the most IMPORTANT point I can make. We can all afford to make mistakes but it’s these mistakes that define us.
    * We will all inevitably have a job we hate just to get some experience.
    * We will have had our first (most of us) heartbreak and LEARNED who and what we like and WHAT WE WANT TO AVOID FOREVER (until the end of days).
    Don’t take your twenties for granted, go out and find you, because that is so important.
  7. Be true to you.
    I’m sure we’ve all felt some social pressure, but we are all individual. Stay on your path and don’t let what other people tell you or do sway you. It’s so important to not lose yourself, because being in your twenties provides you a platform in which you can FIND yourself.
  8. I asked Mark for some ideas, because…. 21 things to think of is quite hard isn’t it? And he said, “Car insurance gets cheaper.”
    Thanks sweetheart!
  9. You can afford to be a little selfish.Okay this isn’t me telling you not to share, yes you over their holding a bag of Haribo and not giving any to your friends (but we all do this don’t we?)! Just remember, you’re finding out about yourself and should make yourself the priority. Love your friends and family always but you need to make sure you come out on top.


Okay here’s my promise: I will upload more often. 
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– The Vivacious Blonde. xo


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