6 Winter Favourites


I’m not sure about you, but winter turns me into a Buddy-the-Elf type human that so many people seem to loathe. I’ll scream at the various Christmas decorations popping up with pure excitement, and obviously the sales assistants love my perpetual enthusiasm. 
I’m sure this condition is down to my mother who decorates the house to resemble Santa’s Grotto #ChristmasBombGoneOff, this once used to be a great source of embarrassment to me, but now I just embrace it. 
Growing up my Mum didn’t let my brother or I help decorate the Christmas tree, and now I understand, it has to be perfect. It seemed so cruel back then when all I wanted to do was put a frosty the snowman decoration on the tree only to have my hand slapped back, but, perfecting a Christmas tree takes dedication and hard work, and my Mother never strives for anything other than perfection.

Mothers CHristmas.jpg
See how carefully articulated every piece is? My Mother, in not so many words, is obsessed with Christmas.

Also you’ll note my dog Jaffa in the corner who kept destroying the tree by pulling plushee decorations off, you’d find a santa bitten in half and its guts hanging out and it resembled a sort of Christmas Nightmare. Here I have caught him in the act.

Anyway, this blog is about Winter and the 6 favourites I feel we need to get through those bitter few months.

1. A moisturising face cream.

Winter for me always leaves my skin feeling dull and dead, dry and cracked and I hate that!

Winter is really harsh to skin, it dries it out and leaves it feeling rough and unloved.
Find a moisturiser that is oil based, so it’ll leave a layer of protection over your skin and retain more moisture.
Please take care of your skin, ladies and gentleman!

I use Benefits Total Moisture because it
1. Locks in moisture
2. Lasts for hours.

P.s this post is not #Spons by Benefit. I wish!

2. A good selection of novels!

The winter is MEANT for grabbing a blanket and snuggling up with a good old book.
Imagine: sitting in your favourite spot, overhead lamp on, cup of tea and a good book. Whats better in life than that? Especially because the evenings are getting darker quicker and so so cold.

Here is a selection of my go to books. You’ll notice that Sophie Kinsella pops up a lot, she is a firm favourite for a laugh-out-loud novel.

3. A hot water bottle.


I feel this is self explanatory. Hot water bottle + bed = pure and utter comfort. Especially in the winter, harbouring that inevitable winters cold. What’s better?

4. Stock up on thick jumpers!

Honestly, when my Mum used to tell me not to leave the house without a coat on I used to laugh. I have thick skin, I thought I could take it, but then the hyperthermia would set in and I’d come home with icicles hanging from my nose! Take it from me, you need those jumpers. They’ll be snuggly and warm when lounging around the house, or when you have to leave it.

5. Buy some scented candles!


A firm favourite of mine is a scented candle. I love the divine smells of Christmas wafting through the house like gingerbread or mint candy cane. I suggest stocking up on some of those smells and burn them at night, you won’t regret it! & what’s better is that every time you come home from work / school / uni, your house will smell like Christmas!

6. Stock up on bath time goodies!

Nothing quite beats a warm bath at winter, there’s something soothing about falling back into the hot water and lying there (tip: burn a candle at the same time for added comfort and relaxation!) and forgetting the world.
Currently my favourites are LUSH – Snow Fairy! It literally smells like bubblegum, and christmas. HOW?!

Please do let me know in the comments what you’re tips are for winter! – and give me a follow and a like. It’s much appreciated.

The Vivacious Blonde. xo

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  1. Love the candles! I need to buy more for Winter ❤


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