ColourPop Review

* Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. This is a raw, personal review of my thoughts and feelings about ColourPop Cosmetics. 

3 weeks ago I headed to America’s currently most sought after makeup brands website ColourPop to see what all the fuss was about and ordered a few things to see for myself whether it lived up to the hype.
They advertise themselves as animal cruelty free and SOME of their products are vegan!

It arrived just yesterday and I was slammed with a £17.10 international postage charge, it wasn’t something I was expecting, but equally, it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience but is certainly something to bear in mind if you are thinking of ordering!
They have however, only been delivering to the UK for a couple of weeks so the pricing may go down.

I ordered:
5 x Matte Lipsticks.
3 x eyeshadows.
1 x highlighter.
1 x eyeliner.

Once opened once immediately struck me was the packaging. It was and is beautiful. It’s sleek and designer and I love it. There’s something about it that just makes it look professional whilst also appealing to the younger generation.
They’d also wrapped everything in foam to save it getting damaged on the trip over here which I thought was an extra special touch.

I’m going to firstly talk about the matte lipsticks which made ColourPop famous.

More Better.png

I swatched them on my arm to show you the individual colours (please appreciate this, my arm is still stained) and you’ll notice Notion is streaky. This was an issue with application too as it didn’t seem to cover the whole of my lips, and left it looking uneven and crappy.


I’m sure you can tell here how uneven application is. It was greatly upsetting as this was the lipstick I wanted to use the most and unfortunately it fell short of my expectations.
Here are pictures of the others on my lips:

Overall, I’m really impressed. They stay true to their advertised colour and feel really moisturising on the lips. If you aren’t a fan of the matte lip feel, then I suggest you try these. They don’t feel like every other matte lippy, they’re hydrating.
Also, my application wasn’t the best because it dries SUPER FAST and it stains which is kinda cool – but I didn’t want it to stain because I needed to chop and change fast.

I did also see if it was long lasting like it suggested, so took pictures at different times during the day:

The only time it came off was during eating, which I suppose for long lasting matte lippy isn’t that bad. Although, matte is supposed to stay on during eating????????? I don’t know. I like them. They’re pretty colours and they do last like they’re supposed to.

The next thing I tried was the cream eyeshadows. They’re a REALLY weird consistency, but they feel smooth and application is easy.
I bought 3 and the only one that wasn’t as heavily pigmented was the dark burgundy – that kinda sucked.
But the other 2, OH MY, they are beautiful and will certainly become staples in my every day makeup use.
I did take swatches, but the pictures sucked because it was getting dark – but please trust me on this one, K?

Lastly, the highlighter.
Its consistency is the same as the eyeshadows, super marshmallowly and soft and… weird?
I don’t like the highlighter. Not one bit.
The swatch I did seemed perfect, it seemed the perfect champagne highlight. I was wrong. It doesn’t match to the face at all – in fact, when asking a friend, she said she couldn’t see it at all.


Look how promising its supposed to be! I’m just… sad about the whole situation and wish to never relive it.
0/10 would not recommend.

If you guys liked my review of the much hyped ColourPop cosmetics, let me know below, and if you’d like to see anymore reviews from me!

Love the Vivacious Blonde’ xo

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