First and foremost, welcome to The Vivacious Blog! A blog bound to be filled with the random, eccentric, sometimes moving parts of my life but always entertaining!
My name is Megan. I’m 21 and I’m originally from Cornwall. I am currently studying my masters in Creative Writing and working full time, whilst managing a blog. God I must be mad!

I have a wide array of things I enjoy doing. Reading, gaming, swimming, and baking – but none will ever compare to my love of writing which is what I hope will come across in my blog.

I guess I should give you a sample of what this blog is about, and what better way to do that than an embarrassing story? (Believe me when I say I have a lot of those.)
Most recently me and my friend (unnamed, he’d be horrified) decided that we would go to the SU (student union for anyone unfamiliar with that term) for a few drinks after already drinking at mine. Of course, being a girl, I was not prepared to wait in the line for an hour to get in without the reassurance of a toilet being nearby so I decided to go behind a shed (stay classy, I know) and being already drunk I found this somewhat hysterical and shouted “I’M PEEING.”
Unnamed friend then received a shouting from the university caretaker who was going around at that time to make sure everything was okay and was told to “take better care of your friend, it’s disgusting” but being as drunk as I was I found this hilarious. 10/10 would probably do it again.
You only live once!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that little snippet of my life.
There will always be more cringe worthy stories because, well, my life is full of those.

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